Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Its Life !!

He kisses my forehead to wake me up. With quite unease I open up my eyes and look into his. He is smiling and with so much of love he wishes "Good Morning !!" I dont know if I reply to him as this is the most difficult time of my daily routine and he knows it. I get up, freshen up myself and go straight to the kitchen to cook for our breakfast and lunch and he helps.

He continues saying his daily special :) You keep one eye on the watch and keep alarming me. I need to leave by 7:10. hey how come its already 7:11 oh 7:12..I am not going to look at this clock..whenever I see at it it just increases a minute..I 'll have to run..ok bye..cya..have good day..n He leaves ..

n He comes back..hey suno.. He hugs me kisses me n runs again..ok bye..have good day.. stay happy..take care of u. .n listen dont trouble anyone... he keeps saying something or else n runs n I smile n stand there seeing him !

And then I am only with myself. Like every other morning I am into deep thinking mode, do I really need to goto office today. Ok, I will, but let me first relax. I tell to myself, I am not gonna let this job become my life. Its just a small part of my life and let it be just that, I am not gonna rush for it. If today I die, I cant even complain to God that why my life was wasted only in studying and then working. God is also gonna tell me that its your fault. I made you a girl and had given you a guy who was supposed to support you forever. Its you who opted to do all this. You yourself wasted it. I am not responsible .. Oh God..God is so true..!

I relax and decide today is gonna be My day. I goto kitchen and nicely prepare one small cup of tea with ginger/cardamom. Take the newspaper in my hand and sit on the carpet. Enjoy sipping the tea with some snacks and read the paper. Then I call my mom or my didi and then talk to them at length. And they keep reminding me that it is Monday not Saturday. And I tell to myself I am gonna win over this Monday morning.

I look at the clock and shiii.. its 9:00am. I tell to her whatever you show, I am not gonna get scared; atleast not today, why do u always keep bothering me.

I board the train look at the morning snoring faces and then listen to my favis on Ipod.

Reaches office n now hands over all my control to my manager. I am at her disposal for next 8 hours.

6:30 pm I board the train back to my home, sweet home. Waiting to meet him in mid stop. After lot of communication and co-ordination finally we get to meet at just one stop b4 our home, just to spend 5 more minutes together during the day. We finally meet and then I enjoy entering home with him together.

He prepares tea and I keep talking without stop. And he comes and put his hand on my mouth with full force. And I say..mm..mm mm mm..mmmmmmmm.......means Ok, I will stop now :)

Then we goto Gym. I make fun there while doing exercise and he simply hates it. I dont know why he become so serious while working out. And I really dont like to leave humour at any place. Then fully tired, I come home and rest and he goes for swimming. Hats off to him !

I cook and he tries his best to help me and we eat together.

And then I again start, you see we have wasted the whole day...what have we done since the morning. its already 11pm. now we will sleep and tomrw again office. I dont want us to waste our lives like this. Come on we will watch some movie together or play mario or we will make some mithai or something. And he is more than willing for this. And we have fun and sleep late night or shud say early morning.

And life continues..happily !

Seems a very simple regular post. Yeah I knew it and so I thought of adding some nice quotations. I opened Google, wrote "Life Quoatations" followed some link and then the first Quote:

"Life is like an onion: You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. "

WHaaaaaaaaaaaat.. what non-sense.


Means Kanda ..Oh God..Is life like an Onion. I just hate Onions..I can never let my life be like an Onion :(



Anonymous said...

hummmmm... that's d way u and amit spend a day. It's not bad actually. I feel u r bored froom monotonous routine of life... am I right? In fact, it happens to all of us. Aren't u thankful to God... for giving u a gracious life... for which many people will die for... It's human nature to find sadness even in happiness... we should try to find happiness in sadness... Shouldnt we? U have got the opportunity to explore a world which is unexplored by your kiths and keens... Make use of the opportunity. Learn some new art... painting, drawing, fashion-designing.... It will make u feel happier.... [I guess I wrote appropriately]

AaaDee !! said...

o God..i dint say that m sad abt anything.. luckily i dont have any single reason to be :)

but yes i agree with u for the rest u have mentioned :)

btw who is this anon..?? thanks for your time...

lokesh v. said...

Hey Deeps
Nice to kow about u and amit.

Leave the Kanda (onion) alone, trying thinking it as a drawing:

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
~John W. Gardner


BaKfIrE said...

"Seems a very simple regular post."
There is nothing called simple....we make it that way,good to know that lifes sailing smooth :)

Madhura said...

kanda.. haha i almost forgot about ur hatred towards it.. ur post got me in splits.. :) well i am just catching the tail of the point.. can i make that a career option.. am actually good at it!!

AaaDee !! said...

Lokesh :
Hey so nice to c ur comment Locky..keep visiting :)

BakFire :
Thanks, U seem like a teacher to me..:) Please keep guiding and correcting me..

Madhura :
Motiiiiiiiii..I just love you :)

vidu said...

well its a nice way of sharing ur thoughts I think....

and thanx for a lovely comment on my blog too...

AaaDee !! said...

Thanks Vidu, I got the chance to visit all ur sites n found really interesting..good work..

Keep visiting :)