Monday, May 5, 2008

Rush of Life..!

Main kitna hi bhuloon bhatkoon ya bharmaoon,
Hai ek kahi manzil jo mujhe bulati hai,
Kitne hi mere paon paden unche nichen, prati pal woh mere paas chali hi aati hai.
Mujhpar vidhi ka ehsaan bahut si baatoan ka,
Par main kritagya uska ispar sabse jyaada,
Nabh ole barsaye, dharti sholay ugale,
Anwarat samay ki chakki chalti jaati hai.

No matter how many times I may have lost my path,
There is but one destination that calls me,
My feet may have stepped unevenly, up or down, but the destination has always moved towards me, every moment.
I am obliged to nature on many a call,
But I am indebted to her most for this ;
Let the skies pour down in hail, let the earth explode with fire,
The unstoppable cycle of time, always keeps moving !


Tears said...

"...The unstoppable cycle of time, always keeps moving !" love TURE! lovely poem! writn it both in english and indian makes it more revealing...awesome!

Reemas said...

Very nice, u should compile all this in a book.


AaaDee said...

Hey, thanks for your comments guys. And thanks that you liked the lines from my fav. poems.

The great poet of these lines is Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan.