Friday, October 30, 2009

we love it !

first time in my driving career, he asks me to go park the car in the garage as he is not well and has to rush to home..! I do a good job...I think :)

2 days Later, I plan to make aloo parathas..I know he likes these better with cillantro..ok so lets go get the cillantro at 9:30pm..n here we go..unable to unlock/lock the car. ah..what happened..the battery is discharged...hats off to me..

we call a friend..he gets us the jumper..we charge the battery..we go to the indian purse...we go back to home..n keep the car engine running... he gets the purse..we go back to indian store..i sit in the car with engine still on..he buys the stuff...n now time to pay the bill..aye wherez the purse..oh in the car..he comes back to parking..gets the purse..goes back and pays the store..gets back to car..aye...i remember something else...he goes back to store...buys the other person stares..he asks him..if you are will understand when u r...

we get back to home..n i make most relished parathas..put lot n lots of butter n two of us just eat n eat n eat..n think..ha..doing all that was worth...!!

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Liked it.