Wednesday, November 15, 2017

...just a friend !!

...waking up from the sleep was always difficult for me but this time it felt very uneasy. I didn't remember if I had a bad dream or was I just too tired. Slowly I tried to move the fingers, everything felt sore, may be I was about to fall sick. Oh I could not afford to get sick. With lot of difficulty, I opened my eyes. It felt so bright. I slowly got up from the bed. The surroundings looked familiar but no it wasn't my home. I tried to peep through the window. The street outside, yes I knew this one, since forever. It was my grand-mom's home and this street I have played in all during my childhood days. Suddenly somebody opened the room. I turned and saw her standing there, firm. I knew her. She was a friend. I asked her how did I get here. She did not answer, just asked me to go to bed again. She seemed upset to see me walking around. But no I didn't want to be here. I could sense there was something wrong. I had to go, I was feeling sick here. I struggled against her to move out of the room. I was feeling so weak. There were all kind of voices I could hear. Just then I saw him there, coming towards me. She let me go to him. I hugged him, it seemed long since I have seen him. I hurriedly started telling him that she was keeping me here, that she was being mean to me, and I thought she was a friend.

"yes she is, she is taking care of you since all these years when you were asleep" was all that he said to me and I could not believe a word.....seemed life played another game to me !!

.........and I woke up from the sleep. This time, yes I could believe what he told me. I never realized she was indeed taking care of me since all these years. Life has always put us together in different places. She has always been nice to me. She has always been just a friend, never a special friend, never a best friend, but unlike some her friendship never came with an expiry date, it was indeed forever. Sometimes dreams teach us lessons...!

Monday, August 11, 2014

....feeling loved

The whole day I spent in the sun, lost two games back to back. Drove for 3 hours. I was filled with dust head to toe. As soon as I reached home my little one jumped over me with all the joy of seeing me after a long day. I was happy to see him too but was too tired. I din't remember when last time I felt this exhausted, physically and mentally. Not just exhausted I think I was too sad to loose too. I gave him a little smile and went straight to the wash room to get cleaned up. My face was all covered with foam when I heard him trying to rotate the door nob. Next I saw a  little hand coming inside, trying to reach mumma, right below the door. I opened the door. Just to hide how I felt, I guess, I kept splashing my face with water little longer and I think he kept looking towards me. And then
he: mumma, are you okay?
me: yeah
he: mumma can i tell you something?
me: yeah
he: i think i really love your eyes
me: really, why
he: umm, because they look so pretty to me

oh my did anybody ever told me that..I looked towards him...and then the love that I saw in his eyes for me, I am not sure if I ever be able to put that in words..and I thought wasn't I still the most blessed soul, yes I was, I am & I could not thank lord enough for that...:)

Monday, May 12, 2014

....i pray for myself !!

.......i switched off the lights and lay down beside my little one to tuck him to sleep. we did our little prayer together. he gave me his daily ritual hug and we started our little talks.

he: i love u mumma 
me: i love you too..
he: i love u infinity mumma 
me: aw..i love you too my baby
he: oh mum-mah, i am not a baby, i m big boy 
me: oh my u ll always remain a baby for me
he: even when i m 5 years old
me: yes
he: even when i m 10 years old
me: yeah
he: even when i m 20 years old
me: yeah
he: even when i m 30 years old
me: umm i may not be there then 
he: why
me: i may die by then
he: what does die mean
me: it means mumma ll become a star
he: u mean u won't be here
me: yeah, i won't be here, but i ll be, i ll be like a picture, you can still talk to my picture
he: okay..
..& n so n so n so....

he slept and i was sure he started weaving all those super dreams with super why & super man..
i as usual was too tired too stressed but not sleepy. i got up, went to the kitchen, made myself a cup of tea..
i sat in my patio, it was too cold, i could barely see a few stars and the little moon-light coming far from the end...i think i was lost in my troubled thoughts when i heard him..i went inside and realized he was crying in sleep, i took him in my lap and tried to wake him up so he can come out of that bad dream and feel better.
he woke up, hugged me tight and said

he: mumma, i don't want you to ever become a star, even when i turn million years old. i want you around me all the time

me: oh my baby, sure i promise u i ll always be with u, for-ever. 

once again, i hugged him tight, started running my fingers through his hair until he slept..

& i said my prayer to God, first one for myself

me: oh dear God, please bless me to live healthy till my son needs me..!!

& i don't know when i got asleep & peacefully this time..

Friday, April 25, 2014

..rain n me

u are the one who never fail
to touch my heart
n brighten up my soul
my love for u gonna last forever..!

song of the day: boondan boondan

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

..thats what I saw !

..the train was about to start
i entered the first car with all my bags
n started walking through the crowd
as i passed, i could recognize so many faces
i din't remember those names
but i was sure i knew all those people, well, once upon a time
or may be those were all different times
seemed each car and the people sitting there denoted an era
i couldn't believe i was seeing those long lost faces
n some who were always part of my most cherished memories
i kept walking
listening to some weird voices, some talks, i couldn't understand a thing
there were different moods, happiness, sadness, fear, silence, loud noises
no-one paid any attention to me
i think they could not see me
i reached to the last car, there i saw my name written
i put in all my luggage and settled down
why did they decide to put me in place where i did not know anyone
there were a few kids playing there
they could see me
they told me their names
n then went back to their plays
they came back to me
asked me if i had something to eat
they ate my snacks
kissed me and went back to play
i was missing my family, my friends
i wished somebody could come sit with me
i asked the kids
if they could pass the message along the cabins
that i was in here
i was sure someone 'd come if they knew i was here
yes, he did, he did come
i turned so happy
but then the big guy came
he told him to go back
as he didn't belong here
after all there was a place for every one
i couldn't do a thing
....n i turned n started looking through the window
i always loved that..when i was with him

..ur lil one's prayer ! taught me to stay guarded taught me not to seek no-one's sympathy taught me to deal it your-self
& all these years, i never realized it could be so heavy a load to bear
m loosing it again, come save me my angel

Friday, February 28, 2014

lovely rain !

....& a cup of tea with a good friend 's all that's needed right now..!