Friday, April 25, 2014

..rain n me

u are the one who never fail
to touch my heart
n brighten up my soul
my love for u gonna last forever..!

song of the day: boondan boondan

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

..thats what I saw !

..the train was about to start
i entered the first car with all my bags
n started walking through the crowd
as i passed, i could recognize so many faces
i din't remember those names
but i was sure i knew all those people, well, once upon a time
or may be those were all different times
seemed each car and the people sitting there denoted an era
i couldn't believe i was seeing those long lost faces
n some who were always part of my most cherished memories
i kept walking
listening to some weird voices, some talks, i couldn't understand a thing
there were different moods, happiness, sadness, fear, silence, loud noises
no-one paid any attention to me
i think they could not see me
i reached to the last car, there i saw my name written
i put in all my luggage and settled down
why did they decide to put me in place where i did not know anyone
there were a few kids playing there
they could see me
they told me their names
n then went back to their plays
they came back to me
asked me if i had something to eat
they ate my snacks
kissed me and went back to play
i was missing my family, my friends
i wished somebody could come sit with me
i asked the kids
if they could pass the message along the cabins
that i was in here
i was sure someone 'd come if they knew i was here
yes, he did, he did come
i turned so happy
but then the big guy came
he told him to go back
as he didn't belong here
after all there was a place for every one
i couldn't do a thing
....n i turned n started looking through the window
i always loved that..when i was with him

..ur lil one's prayer ! taught me to stay guarded taught me not to seek no-one's sympathy taught me to deal it your-self
& all these years, i never realized it could be so heavy a load to bear
m loosing it again, come save me my angel