Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ghajini - Review !!

Just back to home after watching Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini..!! Another excellent piece of work from Aamir Khan. Also showcase the very pretty and good actor "Asin".

As I always like to see happiness, for me the best part of movie was the first flashback, when Aamir meets Asin..! Romance and comedy, both are good..

A few days back, I watched the original version of the movie in Tamil, ofcourse with English subtitles..well should not even say original to that as I guess orginal is in English which is "Memento" and I am yet to see that..

Okay so back to Tamil one, character of Sanjay is played by the handsome n superb actor Surya..!

While we were coming back after watching this version, there was debate around who was better, Surya or Aamir..And the public voted for Surya..

Well, here I differ..Though I really liked Surya, there is no doubt abt Aamir's good work.

I feel when we saw Surya in Ghajini, coz it was the first time we were seeing him so may be it was easier for us to think of him as "Sanjay".. And when we see Aamir..then inspite of his briiliant effort he stays Aamir for us !!

Undoubtedly it's a nice movie, a must watch..briiliant direction and brillaint cast..!!

And a nice song "Gujarish" :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beautiful Lines

“main chupana jaanta toh jag mujhe sadhu samajhata,
shatru mera ban gaya hai, chhal rahit vyavahar mera ”

If i knew how to hide, the World would have thought me to be a saint.
My unblemished nature has become my biggest enemy.

(Harivansh Rai Bachchan)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coming to Peace with the Violence and Loss !

Just read the head lines in TOI that Priyanka Gandhi met "Nalini", one of the assassins of her father Rajiv Gandhi.

Priyanka said "This was my way of coming to peace with the violence and loss I had experienced. I would like to say it was a purely personal visit that I undertook completely on my initiative. I would be deeply grateful if this could be respected. I don't believe in anger, hatred and violence and I refuse to allow it to overpower my life."

For Priyanka, it was an attempt to attain closure, to come to terms with the tragic loss of her beloved father.

Nalini, serving a life term for involvement in Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, told her brother, "I feel all my sins have been washed off by Priyanka's visit...I feel she has pardoned me by calling on me at the prison.... I am indebted to her all my life,"

I have always been impressed with the wonderful lady, Priyanka. And I really admire her for her own unique ways ..! I wish the media and the politicians in India would not comment on her take, for the sake of its sensitivity and emotions attached..!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Trip to Home - India

Amidst the busiest schedules for both of us, we decided to visit India, managed to book the tickets with Lufthansa and just flew after two days..after all taking a break is the best when its most needed.

During transit, got to spend a couple of hours at Munich Airport and yes I remembered the horrible night which I spent alone there at Airport during my first international trip.

And then the finest memories of the days when both of us stayed together in Munich and had bestest of times together..!

In India, time just flew by..time spent with ma, ma-pa, brothers, sisters, cousins, kids, mama ji n family, chacha ji n family, bua ji n family n ...... Was never enough..:) I could talk even more, I could eat even more, I could sleep even more, I could trouble my brother & sister even more, I could pamper him more and I could get pampered even more :)

Visited Golden Temple in Amritsar and A dream came true.!! Yeah, he works to make all my dreams come true..:). Posting a few clicks from my fone, forgot to carry the camera.

I have a tendency to always forget about friends when I am with my family :) friends always teased me for this, but never left me. They r just great, great friends :) luckily this time got to see them all on a friend's wedding..was glad to see that everyone was all the same, my friends' group is kinda 24 hrs. cartoon n/w channel..

Spent enough time to decide/buy some small home/land for us. But could not manage, seems time has still not come to buy a dream house. Rented houses are the best :)

One thing which impressed me (in quite a wrong way) the most during this trip was the increasing costs in India..oh I wonder how a common man manage to arrange 3 meals a day..More to my surprise, my driver told me that his monthly income was 2000 bugs.

Now back to work. Fully tired and exhausted but happy that everyone was happy there. Proud to be a part of such close knit family. My batteries are fully charged now to work for next may be 1 year.