Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It is one of the usual hot summers day in the town. The old lady knocks her door. She knows how hot it is outside. So, she does not want to come out of her room which is somewhat cooler. The old lady knocks again & again. And she tries her best to avoid her. But the old lady doesn't stop.

She goes outside and asks her "why are you knocking again and again."

She says "Give me something to eat."

Its the daily routine. Everyday the old lady knocks people's doors and manages to gather food or whatever people give her.

Even She doesn't mind giving her some leftover food items but then today she is sure that there is nothing left after lunch.

She tells her "sorry, there is nothing left over".

The old lady doesn't listen to and keep asking for food to eat..n she says "May God bless your father..May God bless your brother..long live your father..long live your brother.."

She gets irritated and tells her that she doesn't have any leftovers, so please do not knock the door again..

her dad comes..He asks her "..don't you pity her that she is standing out in such a hot day..why don't you give her something to eat."

She replies.."Papa, there is nothing leftover or I would ...."

He asks "Why don't you cook something for her?"

She: "Why should I cook for her?"

He comes closer..put his arm around her shoulder and says in an even softer voice "Imagine if your grandmother was still alive, would you not cook for her three times a day?"

She replies "yes, for my grandmother..but who is this lady to me?"

He says "let's assume ...."

His saying and to her its an order which she follows. She asks the old lady to come inside and sit. She cooks for her that day and everyday after...

Then in between the old lady doesn't come for a few days and on an unfortunate day his holy soul leaves.

After a few days, the old lady comes back and asks for food. She cooks, the old lady eats and says blessings to her father. She comes next day and the routine follows. One day when she comes and after taking the food, says the blessings, another lady in the house tells the old lady what has happened when she was not coming.

The old lady goes into silence, doesn't utter a word, doesn't eat, goes back..and never come again..!