Friday, June 29, 2007

Growing together :)

Sitting in sun, grand-ma tries her best to feed her little granddaughter but she is not ready to eat anything.

Grand-ma says "chhetti khaa lai kuriye, koa aayega te teri roti lai jayega"
(--eat fast or the crow ll come and take your food).
Little girl, sees in her eyes, tries to hold her face with her small hands and tells her "Dadi Maa, isko Koa ni kehte, isko Crow kehte hain"
(--grand ma, this is not Koa but a Crow).
Grand-ma tells her, "Bete, Isko, english mei crow kehte hain aur hindi mei Koa.
(--In English it is called as Crow and In Hindi we call it Koa)
She says "English..Hindi.. Mmm..Thennnnnn..Dadi Ma, To Isko Maths mei kya kehte hain?
(--what do we call it in Maths?")
Grand-ma thinks for a moment and then reply "agar ek koa to, One crow, agar do koe to Two crows, aur agar teen koe to Three crows.."
(--In Maths, we call it One crow, and if there are two, we call them Two crows and if there are three, we call them Three crows..)
And together they repeat the counts:



And, she finishes her food and I see all this smilingly:) 

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another beautiful morning !!

I wake up with the sound of rain drops over the window panes..the sound that I have always loved ..

I step down the bed and try to peep out of the window at the sky. It is lightening gloriously. I can hear the thundering of clouds. I carefully put the curtain off without making a sound, take my hands out and embrace the rain. And it makes me forget everything and be relaxed. I think that's what true love is all about, I love Rain and miss it a lot.

The room is filled with dim light coming from street lamp. Taking these pure rain drops in my hand, I turn to my bed. And I see him lying aside, in sound sleep. Still putting one arm at the left side (and that's for me). Looking so calm and happy. I start moving my fingers in his hair. My heart fills with love, happiness and completeness. Today, I remember all days of my life spent with him, for the ever increasing love...

And yes just then I remember the new member of my family, lying in Patio in this rain..aahhh...Its my recently owned, supposedly hot n spicy, chilly plant. I run to my Patio and get it inside. With water droplets on its leaves and small white flowers its looking awesome.

I don't know if it was actually enjoying the rain and is sad to be in. I see there is one small chilly trying to come out uncovering a flower. Its almost 3 days that I forgot to pay any attention to it coz of dead tiring working hours. I bring it to the wash basin, sprinkle some water and clean each leaf and kiss it. I carefully put it back on a mat at the dining table.

I make two cups of ginger tea...

And I wish him "Good Morning" this time..:)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Week Day Movies

3 movies during the week days. Yes 3 movies and lots of time spent with him, that is what makes me feel that I am not just born to work with WF.

Okay, the movies were : Shootout @ LA, Metro and Cheeni Kam

And I didn't quite like any of these. But, the 3 were good enough to spice the routine of work, cook, eat n sleep.
Reviews:a. Shootout @ LA

Vivek Oberoi (sorry, I don't recall his new spelling) quite good. First time I liked him was in COMPANY and now in this movie. Difficult to write this "like" word for him as I am die heart Salman fan.

Sanjay Dutt oo LA LA..I wish he soon gets as old as he seems in the movie..then he will look even better.

Amitabh, Arabaz, Sunil Shetty and the change: Ok !

And that Girl Oh God, I wish Director 'd have let Rakhi Sawant to perform a number than her.

Mika sang very good. He being from my native may bias my opinion.

OR : Ok

b. Cheeni Kam

Little Girl **** (Swini) and the old woman (Zohra Sehgal) - Excellent.

Big B - Good

Tabbu - The BEST and I really liked the dresses she wore. South Silk fabric with Delhi kinda Laces..

OR : Ok+

c. Metro

Totallly Bundle Movie, liked one single dialog "This big metro city gives us a lot but in returns it charges us even more".

And that's it for now. Have fun.

Cheers !