Monday, August 11, 2014

feeling loved

..was a very long tiring day. I was filled with dust head to toe. As soon as I reached home the little one jumped over me with all the joy of seeing me after a long day. I was happy to see him too but was too tired too stressed. I din't remember when last time I felt this exhausted, physically and mentally. Not just exhausted I think I was too sad too. I gave him a smile and a hug. And then went straight to the wash room to get cleaned up. My face was all covered with foam when I heard him trying to rotate the door nob. Next I saw a  little hand coming inside, trying to reach mumma. I opened the door. Just to hide how I felt, I guess, I kept splashing my face with water little longer and I think he kept looking towards me. And then,
He: mumma, are you okay?
Me: yeah
He: mumma, can i tell you something?
Me: yeah
He: i think i really love your eyes
Me: really, why
He: umm, because they look so pretty to me

oh my, did anybody ever told me that..I looked towards him...and then the love that I saw in his eyes for me, I am not sure if I ever be able to put that in words..and I thought wasn't I still the most blessed soul, yes I was, I am; I could not thank God enough for that...:)