Sunday, September 14, 2014

dream diaries !!

.....the train was about to start. I entered the first car with all my bags n started walking through the crowd. As i passed, I could recognize many faces. I din't remember those names, but I was sure I knew all those people; at some point of time. I felt each car and the people sitting there denoted an era. I couldn't believe I was seeing those long lost faces and some who were always part of my most cherished memories. I kept walking and listening to some weird voices. I couldn't understand a thing. There were different moods, happiness, fear, silence, loud noises. No-one paid attention to me. I felt as if they could not see me. I reached the last car and saw my name written there. I put in all my luggage and got settled. I wondered why did they decide to put me in place where I did not know anyone. There were a few kids playing there, they could see me. They told me their names and went back to play. They came back, asked me if I had anything to eat. I gave them food. They left again.

I was really missing my family, my friends. I wished someone I knew would come sit with me. I asked the kids if they could pass the message along the cabins that I was here. I was sure someone 'd come if they knew I was here.

Yes, he did, he did come. I became so happy...But then the big guy came. He told him that he had to go back, back to his place, as he didn't belong here. After all there was a place for every one. I couldn't do a thing....n I turned n started looking through the window. I always loved doing that when I was with him....