Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coming to Peace with the Violence and Loss !

Just read the head lines in TOI that Priyanka Gandhi met "Nalini", one of the assassins of her father Rajiv Gandhi.

Priyanka said "This was my way of coming to peace with the violence and loss I had experienced. I would like to say it was a purely personal visit that I undertook completely on my initiative. I would be deeply grateful if this could be respected. I don't believe in anger, hatred and violence and I refuse to allow it to overpower my life."

For Priyanka, it was an attempt to attain closure, to come to terms with the tragic loss of her beloved father.

Nalini, serving a life term for involvement in Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, told her brother, "I feel all my sins have been washed off by Priyanka's visit...I feel she has pardoned me by calling on me at the prison.... I am indebted to her all my life,"

I have always been impressed with the wonderful lady, Priyanka. And I really admire her for her own unique ways ..! I wish the media and the politicians in India would not comment on her take, for the sake of its sensitivity and emotions attached..!!

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