Friday, April 22, 2011

Being a Mother

I met her years after. What I remembered of her was a lively little girl ..!! What I saw of her now was completely different. I asked how was life treating her? How was everyone in the family, her parents, her brother, her husband, her friends? N she replied to me she didn't know anything other than about her son. She said after her son was born, she was no more a daughter, no more a sister, no more a wife and no more a friend to anyone. She was just a mother now, she could play only this role, she felt complete this way and that's all that mattered. N I could not understand.

And I think now I know what it means and how it feels :)

I am just too proud of my little kiddo for making me feel that way. I love you my baby and I love you the most !!

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