Wednesday, January 23, 2013

anne frank

Despite everything,
 I still believe that people are really
good at heart..!!


Anonymous said...

How did you come across Anne Frank..
I am impressed you know about her.
But despite of all things, few people are really good at heart
:) nice

AaaDee said...

I read her diary few years back and then visited her secret annex on one of trips to Amsterdam..!!

Anonymous said...

Wow..Amsterdam..sounds exciting

AaaDee said...

:) yes it was..!!

BaKfIrE said...

Very true.

Would like to visit her secret annex one day. :)

AaaDee said...

@BakFire - :) m sure not just the annex but the beauty of Amsterdam 'll amaze you too !!

Its a wonderful place, must visit..!