Friday, April 1, 2011

Hold the breath...!!

Years passed and I waited n waited for this moment to come..This truly has been a long cherished dream..Every time I saw a team winning, a nation winning, a state winning, I dreamt if we will ever win the cup, the big cup for the game we all follow so religiously, the moment is here almost here and like all of the country-people I am holding my breath too..!!

I wish pray n hope that the d-day be ours..May God bless our boys today..n May God bless each one of us with this happiness of being a winner..!!

Dear God, please put your hands on us today, we do not want anything less than a win today..please..!!

N I know somewhere you are seeing this, somewhere you are feeling the way we all are feeling..N I know your blessings are with all of us N I miss you on the big day..:)

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