Friday, October 5, 2012

..a party !!

Life is like a party.
You invite a lot of people,
some leave early,
some stay,
some laugh with you,
some laugh at you,
some didn't come,
But in the end, after the fun,
there would be a few who
would stay and help clean up
the mess with you.
And most of the time,
those were the ones who
didn't even make
the mess :)

And I am so blessed to have some such wondrous ones in my life who help me clean up and I love those ones just so much !!


Anonymous said...

Very true, life is like a party. People come enjoy and make mess and leave. Few of them stay behind to clean the mess with you. Only true friend stay behind with you till the end.....
Life is a lesson too...

AaaDee said...