Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another beautiful morning !!

I wake up with the sound of rain drops over the window panes..the sound that I have always loved ..

I step down the bed and try to peep out of the window at the sky. It is lightening gloriously. I can hear the thundering of clouds. I carefully put the curtain off without making a sound, take my hands out and embrace the rain. And it makes me forget everything and be relaxed. I think that's what true love is all about, I love Rain and miss it a lot.

The room is filled with dim light coming from street lamp. Taking these pure rain drops in my hand, I turn to my bed. And I see him lying aside, in sound sleep. Still putting one arm at the left side (and that's for me). Looking so calm and happy. I start moving my fingers in his hair. My heart fills with love, happiness and completeness. Today, I remember all days of my life spent with him, for the ever increasing love...

And yes just then I remember the new member of my family, lying in Patio in this rain..aahhh...Its my recently owned, supposedly hot n spicy, chilly plant. I run to my Patio and get it inside. With water droplets on its leaves and small white flowers its looking awesome.

I don't know if it was actually enjoying the rain and is sad to be in. I see there is one small chilly trying to come out uncovering a flower. Its almost 3 days that I forgot to pay any attention to it coz of dead tiring working hours. I bring it to the wash basin, sprinkle some water and clean each leaf and kiss it. I carefully put it back on a mat at the dining table.

I make two cups of ginger tea...

And I wish him "Good Morning" this time..:)


Unknown said...

Wow, that sounded like the first chapter of a Novel... Great Write-up. Is this a true story? If not, I'll say you've got a very active imagination.
I like rain too, but not when it disturbs my moving around, LOL.
BTW, thanks for visiting my blog, and your lovely comment.

BaKfIrE said...

My room @ home is just beside the window with the cot adjuscent to it, i love to hear the a careless whisper..trying to wake me. Nice post:)

YumYeD said...

i hate the rains.... absolutely!!! and am supposed to be flying to florida and greeting the thunder storms and hurricanes...this weekend... just no escape !! so when do i meet you deepu :)

AaaDee said...

Hi Tayo
So nice to read you here.:)

Yeah its kinda imagination as its not raining in Fremont and I am desparately waiting for it. I feel as if I will not be able to exist without it for longer now..

Hi Bakfire
I can imagine how nice ll it be for you to feel the hug of that cool breeze..Watching the stars from window and listening to nice old songs..

Hi Motiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I love you..And I love you the most :) I am so so happy to know that you are coming here..Meet you at the earliest >:D<

delhidreams said...

who are you? its ur name spelling that makes me ask? how did u find delhidreams?

aklanta said...
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aklanta said...

Ever walked in the rain with taste of ice-cream in the mouth?

Anonymous said...

wow! a sweet good morning note...

loved the way u described it..felt i just woke up:) grrrrr8

AaaDee said...

Hi Adi/Delhi Dreams
Who I am? Ok..Good question.

Aaadee is the name combo of me n his name :)

I dont remember how exactly I reached Delhidreams but thru some tags I guess !! N yes it was really nice reading it there..

Thanks for visiting Aaadee, Adi !!

Hi Aklanta
I liked ur idea may be shud try it sometime n let u know :)

Keep visiting !!

AaaDee said...

Thanks for your visit n comment DreamCatcher :)

delhidreams said...

adee is the name combo of mine n her names, that is, adi & dee... whats ur?

delhidreams said...

waking up to love
one of the most visited themes on delhidreams :)
m sure he'll be delighted.

Anonymous said...

C'mon bro no need to b so formal ;) its worth reading:D ...thanx to u for giving us a good read

Miss Jane Mansfield said...

It is sunny and beautiful here in Minneapolis... yet I feel as if I have just come in from a beautiful rain!!
xoxoxox MJ

AaaDee said...

Thanks MJ..:) Wish you keep visiting !