Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another beautiful morning !!

I wake up with the sound of rain drops over the window panes. It doesn't happen quite often that someone can wake me up when I am sound asleep but the voice of rain drops is something which I loved since my childhood and so just cant ignore it.

I step down the bed and try to peep out of the window at the sky. It is lightening gloriously. I can hear the thundering of clouds. I carefully put the curtain off without making a sound, take my hands out and embrace the rain. And it makes me forget everything and be relaxed. I think thats what true love is all about, I love Rain and miss her a lot. I think she also misses me the same way I do and has come to meet me here crossing half the world.
The room is already filled with dim light coming from outside street lamp. Taking the pure drops in my hand, I turn to my bed. And I see him lying aside. He is in sound sleep. Still putting one arm at the left side (and thats for me). Looking so calm and happy. I start moving my fingers in his hair. My heart fills with love, happiness and completeness. Today, I remember almost each day spent with him. I remember all these days of my life for the ever increasing love he has given me and for the respect he has earned to me.

And yes just then I get reminded of his recent gift to me, a new member of the family who is lying in Patio in this rain..aahhh...Its my recently owned, supposedly hot n spicy, Chilly Plant. I almost run to my Patio and get it inside. With the water droplets on its leaves and small white flowers its looking awesome.

I dont know if it was actually enjoying the rain and is sad to be in. I see there is one small chilly trying to come out uncovering a flower. Its almost 3 days that I forgot to pay any attention to it coz of dead tiring working hours. And I think its my imagination that it is complaining to me for not showing any affection and care to it. I bring it to the wash vasin and sprinkle some water drops on it and clean every leaf with my hands and kiss it. I carefully put it back on a mat at the centre of dining table.

I make two cups of ginger tea to wake him up...

And I wish him "Good Morning" this time..:)


Tayo said...

Wow, that sounded like the first chapter of a Novel... Great Write-up. Is this a true story? If not, I'll say you've got a very active imagination.
I like rain too, but not when it disturbs my moving around, LOL.
BTW, thanks for visiting my blog, and your lovely comment.

BaKfIrE said...

My room @ home is just beside the window with the cot adjuscent to it, i love to hear the a careless whisper..trying to wake me. Nice post:)

Madhura said...

i hate the rains.... absolutely!!! and am supposed to be flying to florida and greeting the thunder storms and hurricanes...this weekend... just no escape !! so when do i meet you deepu :)

AaaDee !! said...

Hi Tayo
So nice to read you here.:)

Yeah its kinda imagination as its not raining in Fremont and I am desparately waiting for it. I feel as if I will not be able to exist without it for longer now..

Hi Bakfire
I can imagine how nice ll it be for you to feel the hug of that cool breeze..Watching the stars from window and listening to nice old songs..

Hi Motiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I love you..And I love you the most :) I am so so happy to know that you are coming here..Meet you at the earliest >:D<

adi said...

who are you? its ur name spelling that makes me ask? how did u find delhidreams?

aklanta said...
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aklanta said...

Ever walked in the rain with taste of ice-cream in the mouth?

Dream Catcher said...

wow! a sweet good morning note...

loved the way u described it..felt i just woke up:) grrrrr8

AaaDee !! said...

Hi Adi/Delhi Dreams
Who I am? Ok..Good question.

Aaadee is the name combo of me n his name :)

I dont remember how exactly I reached Delhidreams but thru some tags I guess !! N yes it was really nice reading it there..

Thanks for visiting Aaadee, Adi !!

Hi Aklanta
I liked ur idea may be shud try it sometime n let u know :)

Keep visiting !!

AaaDee !! said...

Thanks for your visit n comment DreamCatcher :)

adi said...

adee is the name combo of mine n her names, that is, adi & dee... whats ur?

adi said...

waking up to love
one of the most visited themes on delhidreams :)
m sure he'll be delighted.

Dream Catcher said...

C'mon bro no need to b so formal ;) its worth reading:D ...thanx to u for giving us a good read

Touching The River said...

It is sunny and beautiful here in Minneapolis... yet I feel as if I have just come in from a beautiful rain!!
xoxoxox MJ

AaaDee !! said...

Thanks MJ..:) Wish you keep visiting !