Friday, June 1, 2007

Week Day Movies

Yoh.. finally the week ends today..and I am all set to enjoy the cherished week end !! After so many cribbing sessions during the week, I suddenly start feeling so charged on Friday Evening (yes, like all of u).

Project release to UAT gave me enough time to relax. We got to see 3 movies during week days. Yes 3 movies and lots of time spent with him, that is what makes me feel that I am not just born to work with Wells Fargo.

Okay, the movies were : Shootout @ LA, Metro and Cheeni Kam

And I didnt like any of these much. But, the 3 were good enough to spice the routine of cook, eat n sleep.


a. Shootout @ LA

Vivek Oberoi (sorry, I dont recall his new spelling) quite good. First time I liked him was in COMPANY and now in this movie. Difficult to write this "like" word for him as I am die heart Salman fan.

Sanjay Dutt oo LA LA..I wish he soon gets as old as he seems in the movie..then he will look even better.

Amitabh, Arabaz, Sunil Shetty and the change: Ok !

And that Girl Oh God, I wish Director 'd have let Rakhi Sawant to perform a number than her.

Mika sang very good. He being from my native may bias my opinion.

OR : Ok

b. Cheeni Kam

Little Girl **** (Swini) and the old woman (Zohra Sehgal) - Excellent.

Big B - Good

Tabbu - The BEST and I really liked the dresses she wore. The patterns were quite unique. South Silk plain fabrics with Delhi kinda Laces. But of course the colors chosen were quite good. And then no need to mention that she is a brilliant actress

And finally instead of Amitabh trying it, I am not at all convinced with a frustated 65 yrs. old man marrying with 34 yrs. charming girl.

Dialog : Dont cry for the ones you love, your love will decrease. You see, if you dont cry, your heart feels heavy. And if you do, your heart feels light coz the love flows out with your tears.

OR : Ok+

c. Metro

Totallly Bundle Movie, liked one single dialog "This big metro city gives us a lot but in returns it charges us even more".

And thats it for now. Have fun.

Cheers !


dr himanshu arora said...

watchin hindi movies ..
guddd yaar.....
and a nice trailor of d movies....
ab toh main zaroor dekhoonga?????

AaaDee !! said...

yeah here near to house is a multiplex which runs only hindi movies :)

yeah watch shootout n cheeni kam.

Vineet Bhandari said...

how do u watch 3 movies in week days!!? am feeling jealous :-(

Achiles said...

Nice to see your blog. 3 Movies in week end.Good god! You are a blessed one.

AaaDee !! said...

Hi Vineet & Achiles

They say "Zazba ho ander To dikhta hai Bahar"

So just keep the spirits high.!

So gear up guys !!

Madhura said...

aah.. movies on weekdays.. reminds me of the time we watched Masti ;)
watch Shrek 3 if u get a chance.. nice one.

AaaDee !! said...

actually amit is also asking me to watch shrek 1, 2 & 3. He downloaded all during this week end and when we sat all ready to watch, it started playing in French :)

ll be watching soon during this week.. did u like it?

Madhura said...

:) yeah. i watched it.. very nice