Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Is It ??

First year of Engineering..

I came from a very small town to a big city and big engineering college. Got to meet so many new people out there. New relations started prospering. Roommates, Floormates, Class friends, Hostel friends, Best friends, TT/Badminton friends, Mass bunk friends, Seniors ..

Me and my best friend, we were having best of times together.

Few of our seniors, we always look up to them as our inspiration as we used to see them doing masti all the time :) They were all so very talented. Full of enthusiasm. Full of life. They were our role models. I will say, they were the achievers. We started following their footmarks. We were all good at studies, we particiapted in each possible game/atheltics/music evenings etc., got the earliest jobs through campus interviews.

All got well settled in life. Stayed in touch for initial few years. Then somehow in between lost the touch..

After years, few days back i got the call from my college time best friend. it was good talking to her..we memorized all the good time. then she told me that she met one of our fav. seniors few days back..n I was so happy to hear that..I asked her how is he doing..N she replied

"Life Defeats Everyone"..

And she hung up. N her line kept making circles in my mind..Is it true..?

I started asking this to myself. I didn't get a prompt reply.

..finally.. "No Not yet.."

And I am happy about it..!!

I wish, "the hope"... may she lives long for everyone !!


Anonymous said...

your blog is fabulous. today only, i got to know that u write these kinda touching articles/thoughts also(thoughts:- b.t.w. thoughts r always touching and mesmerising. silly me).

I must say that ur feelings abt ur old friends n ur father touched me. In fact, i felt i was reading some body's personal diary and I was feeling reluctant. But i read just because u had told.

Wish u happy blogging. add some photographs also. good luck! :)

AaaDee said...


Thanks for your comment n suggestion..BTW, May I know who is this?

I wish to keep getting the suggestions from your side.



Carving a Niche.. said...

Memories are haunting and nostalgic. In this fast paced life when we don't have time our ourselves; you have taken the initiative of capturing the memories on paper; I really appreciate it!!! Thanks to the technology that we at least know our where abouts!!! I personally feel that the old bondings remain same despite distace, career and family. Hat off to you for this fantabulous mesmerizing lineS :)...Ravi Chandran

AaaDee said...

Hi Ravi

Thanks so much for your time and good words !!

Yeah u r right..Distance cant make the old bondings weaker..!

Wish you keep visitng and provide me ur feedback.

Say hi to ur wife !!


Unknown said...

i m very much touched by this article or yours..i have always seen u enjoying, laughing nd a there is always a sweet smile on ur face......i never knew there existed a sympathetic....n ...emotional heart inside..!!!
ryt now i m also doing my engineering...nd just cmpleted d 1st yr.i also know what role do d seniors play in d life of their juniors.....anyhow have faith on god everything will b fine..!!!

BaKfIrE said...

"Life Defeats Everyone" - I rather would have told like " Life tries to defeat everyone" - it also give you a chance to fight back.

Unknown said...

Hi Deepika,

How r u and where r u, Iam Raja Shekhar K, Do you remember me, iam your ex-colleague in IBM.
Your blog is fabulous, articles/feelings are really good.

Good Luck.

I like your quotation in your mails and i too use the same in mine. (Tough times never last but tough people do...)

And i really want to thank for all the support that you have given.

..Raja Shekhar K

AaaDee said...

@preeti, thanks dear for ur time n feedback..njoy your college days..


thanks dear..! yeah I think u r quite right..life "tries" not always succeeds.


thanks so much for your comment.
i shud be writing to u soon.